Elastiek veters verduurzamen je schoenen

Why elastic laces can extend the life of your shoes up to 2x

Elastic laces are not only convenient and comfortable, but they can also significantly extend the life of your shoes. In this blog post we discuss how using elastic laces can extend the life of your shoes by up to 2x and ultimately save you money.


1. Reducing wear from tying and untying laces : Traditional laces require constant tying and untying, which can lead to wear and tear on both the laces and eyelets. Elastic laces provide less friction and tension in these areas, reducing overall wear and tear.

2. Even pressure distribution : Elastic laces ensure an even pressure distribution over the entire foot. This prevents overloading of certain parts of the shoe, such as the heel and toe cap, so that the material lasts longer.

3. Less chance of deformation : The elastic nature of the laces allows them to conform to the shape of your foot without being too tight or too loose. This prevents your shoes from deforming due to irregular tension and pressure.

4. Protection against accidental loosening : Because elastic laces do not loosen like traditional laces, the risk of tripping and falling is reduced. This keeps your shoes better protected against scratches and damage from accidents.

Loose-lace walking shoe

5. Easier Maintenance : Elastic laces are easier to clean and maintain than traditional laces. They are less likely to fray and are resistant to water and dirt, making them last longer.

Conclusion : Switching to elastic laces can be a wise investment, not only because of the convenience and comfort, but also because they can significantly extend the life of your shoes. By doubling the life of your shoes, you save money in the long run and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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