The ultimate guide to choosing the right elastic laces

Agletless® Guide: Choose the Perfect Elastic Laces for Your No-Ties Shoelaces

Are you looking for more information about the different closures of our elastic laces? Then view our detailed comparison of the different types of elastic lace closures.

Now we move on to presenting our different types of laces.

6mm Flat Elastic Laces: The Kid's Favorite

6mm flat elastic laces

These laces are ideal for children's shoes and sneakers. They are a favorite among young shoe wearers for their ease of use and comfort. They are available in various colors to match any outfit.

9mm Wide Flat Elastic Laces: For the Mature Shoe Enthusiast

9mm wide flat elastic laces

These wide laces are a popular choice for adults. They are perfect for a wide range of footwear and provide a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day. In addition, they give your shoes a unique and trendy look.

8mm Flat Elastic Laces: The Allrounder

8mm flat elastic laces

These laces are a great option for kids and adults alike. They offer the perfect balance between style and functionality and are suitable for almost any type of shoe.

3mm Round Elastic Laces: The Sporty Choice

3mm round elastic laces

These laces are an excellent choice for sports shoes or work boots. They have an extra strong grip and are ideal for intensive activities. They can improve the performance of your sports shoes and make putting on your work shoes easier.

5mm Oval Elastic Laces: The General Choice

5mm oval elastic laces

These laces are suitable for any type of shoe and for any occasion. They provide a secure fit and are easy to use. They are a favorite choice for those looking for versatile elastic laces.

3mm Triangular Elastic Laces: The Robust Choice

3mm triangular elastic laces

These laces are extra strong and ideal for robust shoes such as hiking or work boots. They can extend the life of your heavy shoes and make putting on your shoes easier.

6mm Fluffy Flat Elastic Laces: The Fun Choice

6mm fluffy elastic laces

These laces are both fun and functional. Their unique texture adds a playful element to any shoe while still offering the convenience of other elastic laces. Perfect for children's shoes, but also for anyone who wants to add an extra touch of fun to their outfit.