Our story

Time is for sale

Time is the only thing that really counts, that's why we developed a product with which you can save time! It would be unfair if we had the solution for one specific target group and that is why we have put a product on the market that is intended for everyone, because we wear our shoes every day, and in fact we all waste time trying to tying shoelaces. On average, we put on and take off our shoes 100,000 times in our entire lives! if we can save 5 minutes every day by not tying our shoelaces, we will save about 100 days, isn't it bizarre?

From buckles on shoes to laces without ties


18th century 20th century 21st century

Durable & Comfortable

The elastic laces have a dynamic fit so that you not only get in and out of your shoes super easily, but you will also experience the benefits of the elasticity of the laces while walking. The beauty of this is not only that this provides ultimate comfort, but also that it will stimulate blood circulation. Swollen and tired feet will be a thing of the past. Your shoes will also automatically have a longer lifespan, because they will be less stressed by resistance.

Modern design

As icing on the cake, it is also a nice bonus that your favorite pair of shoes will look more beautiful and modern. Get rid of those ugly long loops on your shoes that always get in the way or suddenly come loose!


Agletless is an English translation of nestless. The nests of the laces are cut off. Incidentally, ''agletless'' is the term mainly used in the United States for laces without bows, where the nests have been cut off.

For an explanation of how to use Agletless, see the instruction manual