Our story

On an everyday evening in the bustling heart of Rotterdam, where footsteps echo against the facades of the Lijnbaan, I saw someone struggling with his shoelaces. The awkward way he knelt in the crowd frustrated not only him, but also the hurried townspeople around him. It got me thinking - how is it that, at a time when technology facilitates so much of our lives, we still tie our shoes the same way we did 100 years ago?


The origins of Agletless®

My journey of discovery started with a simple quest to make everyday life a little more comfortable. I came across the existence of elastic laces, a product that was considered more of a children's toy or tool for people with lace-tying problems at the time. But the potential was clear - this could provide a solution for everyone, not just those who struggle with tying shoelaces. It was the start of Agletless®, now the most versatile elastic lace brand on the market.


Save time with Agletless®

With Agletless® elastic laces , putting on and taking off your shoes every day is a thing of the past. You can save up to 5 minutes a day, which adds up to 100 full days over a lifetime. Research from the University of Oxford shows that we waste up to three months of our lives tying shoelaces. With Agletless® you get that time back.


More than just convenience

But convenience is just the beginning. Our elastic laces also offer improved fit and comfort. They react dynamically to your movement, improve blood circulation and prevent tired feet. In addition, they are durable - they make your shoes last longer and look stylish too. The traditional long loops make way for a sleek, modern look.

Agletless® design

The name 'Agletless' comes from 'aglet', the word for the metal or plastic end of a lace. When you use our elastic laces, you cut these ends off, making your laces 'aglet-less'. It perfectly reflects the uniqueness of our laces, just like our logo: an abstract A, representing a shoe, with the L's symbolizing the cut ends.


Welcome the future of comfort, convenience and style with Agletless® elastic laces. Experience the difference and buy your first pair now .