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Pink - 6mm Flat Elastic Laces | One size fits all

Pink - 6mm Flat Elastic Laces | One size fits all

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Discover our 6mm pink flat elastic laces in a variety of colors - perfect for kids' shoes and kids who love a stylish and comfortable fit. These laces are specially designed to provide extra ease of use, making them ideal for young, active feet. Choose from two different options for closures: the deluxe twist capsule quick release and the magnetic closure. The magnetic closure is easier to install and slightly more expensive, while the twist-cap quick release offers a stylish and reliable option. Say goodbye to the hassle of tying shoelaces and order now for a stylish, child-friendly solution with optimal support and the convenience of the closure of your choice!


Elastic laces - Metal twist lock capsule

manual-elastic-laces-capsule-turn closure

1. Thread the elastic laces into your shoes*

2. Unscrew the capsule, place it in the right place with the opening towards the end of the lace and tie a knot in the right place

3. Trim the excess lace, being careful not to cut it too short

4. Twist the capsule together and you're done!

Elastic laces - Magnet closure


1. Thread the elastic laces into your shoes*

2. Cut the excess part of the lace, but make sure you don't cut it too short, so that it will be too tight

3. Insert the lace into the opening and clamp it with the teeth

4. Connect the magnetic closure and you're done!

Elastic laces - Clips invisible


1. Thread the elastic laces into your shoes* and place the clip on the inside with the teeth facing the opening of the shoe and pull the lace through the hole

2. Now pull the lace through the slit on the side of the teeth

3. Now pull the lace through the slot on the other side

4. Tighten the lace and pass the lace through the slot with the opening. Finally, cut the excess part of the lace

* fun ways of putting laces in your shoes can be found at


  • Lengte: 100 cm
  • Maximale lengte: 300cm
  • Breedte: 6mm
  • Dikte: 1mm

Inhoud van de verpakking

Complete set voor 1 paar schoenen

  • 1 paar originele Agletless® elastische veters
  • 1 paar sluitingen
  • Handleiding


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Veelgestelde vragen

How can I use elastic laces?

In our manual you will find the step-by-step plan to correctly install elastic laces in your shoes. Every order also receives a physical manual, so you don't have to worry about this!

What is the length of one elastic lace?

Each elastic lace is 100 cm long. This is long enough, because you don't have to tie a bow. You even cut a piece off, so that 100 cm is more than enough.

Why are untied laces better than regular laces with a tie?

Laces without ties have become so popular in recent years for a reason. The benefits it brings are endless, to name a few: Saving time, money and a lot of hassle, always comfortable in your shoes, even while walking and a nicer look of your shoes without unsightly long loops.

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