The Golden Magnet Contest

The gold magnet agletless elastic laces

We have good news! Our giveaway "The Golden Magnet" has finally started and you have the chance to participate. Every two weeks we will announce one lucky winner from our email list who will be invited to join our unique experience. You can ensure that your shoes will be the stage for our innovative elastic laces , which we will install on your shoes our way and your shoes will be transformed. The best part is that the shipping, installation and everything around it is completely free !

What is The Golden Magnet?

With "The Golden Magnet" we have something special in store. It is a magnetic closure as we normally know it, but in a gold jacket. It also serves as an invitation to participate in our giveaway. With the golden magnet you will not only receive the closure, but also a leaflet with detailed explanation and a shipping label to send your shoes to our address. Let your shoes transform and experience this unique experience!

The Golden Magnet

How can I participate in the golden magnet giveaway?

To participate in the golden magnet giveaway, you only have to fill in a short form . One winner will be selected at random from the list every two weeks.

How does it work?

Have you received the gold magnets? Congratulations you are the lucky winner and can participate in this unique opportunity!

Step 1: Ship your shoes

With the shipping label that comes with the gold magnet, you can send us a pair of shoes of your choice. These do not necessarily have to be new, so old shoes are also allowed.

Step 2: Choose a desired color/shape elastic lace (optional)

If you want a specific color or type of elastic lace, this can be indicated on the form that is included with the shipment. Did you forget to submit the form? Then you can still indicate this via email or WhatsApp.

Step 3: Choose a preferred threading method (optional)

The form also contains a number of ways of putting laces in shoes, for example the following lacing methods:

  • Loopback
  • Sawtooth
  • The ladder
  • Straight Bar
  • Shoemaker's method
  • American Method
  • Diamond

Step 4: Get your shoes

We will return your shoes within 4-7 business days after we receive them.

Step 5: Watch our video

Keep an eye on our social media channels and YouTube channel to see how your shoes have been transformed. Keep following our social media channels!