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Elastic Belt without Buckle - Buckle Free

Elastic Belt without Buckle - Buckle Free

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Quick in and out your pants

Turn any pair of pants into your favorite with one simple turn and don't waste any more time getting dressed.

Dynamic fit

Thanks to the elasticity in the belt, you never have to worry about pants that pinch when sitting. The fit changes during every activity and is therefore always a perfect fit!

Easy to use

You only have to pull the belt through the loops of your pants once, because you can wash the belt together with your pants in the washing machine. Handy, right!?

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Extra information

Product specification



Maximum length (stretched)

96 cm





Each pack contains a complete set for one pant

Suitable trousers

All trousers with loops are suitable for elastic belts.

The ring that comes with the belt can be used for trousers or dresses without loops.

Note: For children up to 12 years old, we recommend the Children's Elastic Belt .