Threading Method 1: The Sawtooth | The best ways to tie your shoelaces

In addition to lacing shoes says something about your personality, it also affects the fit of the shoe. There are countless ways of tying shoelaces , but today we will discuss one of the most famous and most important way, namely: The Sawtooth method . We recommend using this method in combination with flat (elastic) laces because this looks just a bit better than the sawtooth with round laces.

Before we start with the detailed step-by-step plan, it should be said that the sawtooth method was originally devised to tighten the inside of the shoes than normal. If you use our elastic laces , this information is not important for now, given the dynamic fit and elasticity that our laces have. Of course, the inside of the shoes will feel a bit tighter, but not as with normal laces.

Let's take a quick look at how to lace the laces to get the "Sawtooth" (also called sawtooth) in the shoes correctly.

Step 1

Place the sneaker in front of you with the nose facing you and pull the lace through the first eye (on the instep side) of the shoe. Make sure to pull the lace back out from the inside of the shoe at the top eyelet.


Step 2

Now take the longer end of the lace and thread the nestle through the other eyelet opposite the bottom eyelet.


Step 3

Then take the lace out from the inside of the shoe diagonally opposite and then put the lace back in on the opposite side, so that you get a straight lace parallel to that of the bottom one.


Step 4

Repeat this process and you will see a pattern emerge. Make sure that the slanted lace is on the inside and the straight lace is on the outside, as shown in the picture below.


Step 5

Finally, pull the lace from the inside to the outside through the top eye and you're done!


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